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Wuyi YuLi Power Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was found in 2003,it is one of the key enterprises of domestic professional electric tool manufacturing,

Custom Cordless Rebar Tying Tool Manufacturers and OEM Suppliers in China

, the company has built a perfect industrial production base,so far it has covered an area of 40,000 square meters,its floor area is 35,000 square meters;it owns a modern industrial plant and the first-class production and testing equipment;at the same time, it has a group of professional senior engineers,a team which includes the middle and high ranking managerial staffs and technicians;it has more than 150 employees now.
  • BT-25A

    12.8v Adjustable tension agricultural Vine tying machine for agricultural rattan plant vine tying

    Efficient branch tying in accordance with human mechanics. Environmentally friendly plastic, light and energy saving, safe and efficient, durable quality. Wide range of application, a good helper for garden tying. The machine takes only 1 to 2 seconds to tie a knot, but it takes 8 seconds to tie a knot manually, which greatly improves efficiency and saves labour costs. This 12.8 v agricultural tying machine is used for tying and tightening branches of rattan plants in agriculture. The machine is tough and resistant to wear and tear. The machine is lightweight and can be operated with one hand. The machine has a strong battery life and stable performance, one hour of charging, 6 hours of work. Completely independent research and development, unique and novel appearance, widely praised by customers in various countries. The machine can be adjusted for different scenarios, so it can cope with various scenarios without any pressure.

    • Import batteries for durable lifetime

    • Reduces tying time

    • Brushless motor

    • One and half hour fast charging

  • BT-580

    12.8v cordless with brush super range for 8-58mm High-altitude cable binding machine

    12.8v cordless cable tying machine with brush for 8-58mm High-altitude cable tying machine can be widely used in the field of communication engineering aerial work, used to replace the traditional manual hanging tying cable 1、 High working efficiency Under the same working environment, it is 5 times more efficient than traditional manual work at height, and can work continuously for 10 hours without being affected by natural environment and objective external factors. 2、 High safety It can be insulated from 100,000 volts of high-voltage electricity, avoiding the traditional climbing ladders, skids and other high-altitude work, improving the safety factor of staff, reducing the occurrence of safety accidents and ensuring the safety of personnel. 3、 Easy operation of equipment Simple and convenient remote control switch, one person can operate independently to reduce the use of labour, simple and easy to understand, quick to get started, suitable for workers of different cultural levels and different ages to use. 4、 Easy to carry the machine Traditional construction process needs to carry ladders and other large work, the corresponding also need to be equipped with transport, at least three people to complete the work. The machine is small in size, light in weight, and the parts can be disassembled and packed, making it easy to carry, reducing working time and improving efficiency.

    • High working efficiency

    • High safety

    • Easy operation of equipment

    • Easy to carry the machine

  • BT-590

    12.8v 2200Am Cordless Handheld Brushed 8-34mm Rebar tying machine

    1. Strong power, long service life, light weight, no external power supply, easy to use  2. High carbon steel forged cutting blade, cutting wire faster and more durable, high mechanical durability  3. Scientifically fixed wire groove position, more stable and efficient discharge opening, improving bundling efficiency  4. Push the wire pulling switch to pull out the wire, efficient and convenient  5. Tightening force, special structure design, easy to achieve tight bundling of ingots, aluminum ingots and heavy packages 6. With double battery pack, one battery pack can work for 3 hours, the battery pack is portable.

    • Reduces tying machine

    • One and half hour fast charging

    • Light weight & compact body

    • Modular componentseasier maintenance

  • BT-890

    12.8v 4400Am Super Range Cordless Handheld Rebar tying machine with Brush

    (Main parameters) - Wire diameter - 0.8 mm, Wire length: 120 m/per reel, Rope spacing - 8 mm ~ 34 mm, Battery capacity - 4400 mA, Voltage - 12.8 V, Working time: 6 hours/per battery, Charging time: 1.5 hours. (Automatic rebar layer) - Easy to operate, fully automatic for all steps of rebar strip work, saves 3-5 times the manual effort. Large capacity lithium battery, working time can be used at least 3 hours. (High performance) - Sharp cutting edges for greater stability and durability, adjustable strap tightness for all working conditions. Easy to change the cord with the switch. (Features) - Small, light weight and easy to grip. The Rebar Tier is a hand-held machine that is easy to operate, efficient and easy to maintain. The Rebar Tier is a hand-held machine for quick baling of rebar. It is a safe and reliable micro-motor tool. (Wide range of applications) - Rebar Tier for the construction market: including civil construction, rebar ties, floor piping, heated floor mesh, rebar, etc.

    • Reduces tying machine

    • One and half hour fast charging

    • Light weight & compact body

    • Modular componentseasier maintenance

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    We have a strong R&D team, and we can develop and produce power tools according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.

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    Focus on R&D, have an independent R&D center, and insist on product innovation.

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    Advanced and sophisticated production equipment, skilled workers, perfect production lines production.

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    Factory direct sales, high self-made parts rate, and strive to create a price advantage while ensuring high quality.

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    We have our own testing lab and the advanced and complete inspection equipment,which can ensure the quality of the products.

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    We focus on developing high-quality products for top-end markets.Our products are in line with international standards,and are mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan and other destinations around the world.

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